Writing in order to discover

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self”. – Cyril Connolly

For some time now, I have felt compelled to start writing about topics that I am interested in.  Not for the sake of publication or for self recognition, but for myself.  Writing  for the purpose in itself; a reason to carry out exhaustive research of topics and make copious amounts of notes for no apparent reason* , but just for the psychological security of knowing that I have the information.

Why a blog then, you may be wondering, as it’s very public.  That’s a good question.  I suppose it makes me feel a little bit “productive” and gives me the push to actually sit down and write and not keep procrastinating.  It will also help me to organise all the various topics I come across randomly through books, blogs, podcasts, TED talks, and other random means.

I was planning on first writing a few articles in Word before going “live” on a blog,  but then my fear of my blog name being taken compelled me to stake my flag.

I have always been a scouter for knowledge that interest me, I research it to death and then drop it as quickly as I felt passionate about.  But now recently I feel compelled to be more structured, and having a blog may well do that for me.

I am interested in why people behave the way they do, the psychology of human nature and  anything related to happiness, as well as behaviours such as procrastination and creativity.  I’m also interested in health, science, philosophy, fitness and living a balanced life.

I have been inspired by two books I have read recently “The happiness project” and “Secrets of a buccaneer scholar”.  Both books have been fundamental in giving me permission to pursue knowledge that I personally find interesting.

First post done, now onto the next one.  Now comes the hard bit, which topic to choose first and scout for knowledge…


* (Gretchin Rubin said the same thing in her book – “The happiness project”)