300 word daily target for my novel

I’ve set myself a daily target of writing 300 words per day for my novel. This is a good number to aim for, it’s small enough that it won’t scare me and cause procrastination. Some days I write more.

I’m enjoying writing in bite size chunks as it’s not overwhelming and I tell myself I just have to write a small building block of the novel. At this stage, I don’t worry about the quality of the writing either or whether a piece of writing will even make it to the final version. What matters is to write every day. Quality and editing comes later. I’m not writing in a linear fashion either, just random scenes as I think of them.

When faced with the concept of writing an 80,000 word novel – it’s daunting. But when you break it up in little chunks, it’s manageable. 300 words a day would result in writing an 80,000 word novel in 9 months. But that’s just the first draft.

I’m enjoying the writer’s journey; it’s not about the destination of a finished novel for me, it’s the everyday interaction with my characters and the story that gives me joy. Even when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about possible scenes and plot ideas and my characters – that are now coming alive.

Whenever I feel anxious and worry about the originality of my story, I read the following beautiful advice by Albyn Leah Hall:

” When you start a novel, do not worry about having a great story. The search for the “great story” is, in my view, overrated. I speak only partly in jest when I say that there are roughly half a dozen stories in the world and most books are variations upon them. The story is only as interesting as the person who is telling it. If you have a strong voice, the reader will follow it through anything”. 

I love that and I find it so comforting.

The above quote is taken from the following website:



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