The eloquent writing of The Chrysalids

Sometimes a book is written so beautifully and eloquently that I am lost for words to describe how awe inspired I am by the writing. My words sound clumsy and can not do justice to the way I feel when reading the words on the page.

I’ve only read five chapters of The Chrysalids so far and I already love the way the author describes things, it’s delightful to read.

I find myself highlighting* certain sentences to learn from, to steal; it’s not enough for me to just read. I want to study and learn from this author, in the hope that one day I may be able to write like this. John Wyndham was an amazing writer.

I bought a 1958 copy of the book. I love the idea that this book is 55 years old; this copy has been read and held by countless readers before me. I think of the past readers that held and read the same pages as I read them now for the first time.

*nb: I never highlight my fiction books, only my non-fiction books. But something compelled me to do it. I hesitated as I didn’t want to ruin the copy of the book, but at the same time I want to learn from this author and the only way I can learn is by analysing the way he writes.




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