Mustard Sandwich (Story Time)

🍯 Scene: My cousin and I are working at my Aunt’s SubShop sandwich place in Seattle during my summer holidays when I was a teenager.

We’re making sandwiches for incoming customers…
Me: “I freaking love this mustard beef sandwich we sell, this american mustard tastes so good. Today I’m going to have it for my lunch. But I’m going to add extra mustard”.
I’m making my sandwich..
My cousin looks alarmed at the amount of mustard I’m adding: “uh, Lala, go easy with the mustard.”
Me: “I love this mustard, don’t worry.”
We sit down to eat. My cousin looks worried at the amount of mustard I’ve drowned my beef sandwich in:
My cousin: “That’s a lot of mustard. I think there’s more mustard than actual beef”.
I wave her concerns away: “You can never have too much american mustard”. I take a bite, mustard is dripping from the sandwich.
My cousin says nothing but just looks at me.
Me: “uh I think I might have gone a little overboard with the mustard”.
My cousin silently shakes her head and eats her sandwich – which contains the normal amount of condiments.

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The Constant Scholar

Former academic biologist (PhD), now a rogue scholar in psychology, philosophy, and other things that interest me. Things I love: films, books, music, writing, photography, philosophy, and psychology.

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