Cinema doors and snack filled hands (Story Time)

🎬  At the cinema. Both my hands are full holding the all important film sustenance (nachos, Pepsi, popcorn, etc).
I get to the door of the cinema screen. Hmm did not think this through. Can not open the door. I stand there helplessly whilst thinking of a balancing act strategy.
Luckily I see a couple coming. I do my best puppy dog eyes, and look at them, then the door and then my hands holding the cinema snacks. For some reason I am doing the whole thing in silence – as if I’m in a Charlie Chaplin movie.

The guy valiantly opens the door for me. I thank him profusely. He now looks like a hero in front of his girlfriend. He can thank me later.

I walk down the stairs and I’m praying there’s not another set of doors. There is. Crap.

They’re trailing quite far behind me.

I now stand helplessly (again) in front of the second set of doors. The guy then has to do the quick run (the run people do when you keep holding the door open behind you – but they are too far away – so they have to quicken their step – and you’re a jerk for making them run for no reason). 

Anyways, he again graciously opens the door for me.

Me: “Sorry, I’m being a total princess – demanding you now open all the doors for me!”

We all chuckled.

The end.


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The Constant Scholar

Former academic biologist (PhD), now a rogue scholar in psychology, philosophy, and other things that interest me. Things I love: films, books, music, writing, photography, philosophy, and psychology.

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