Toy Shop Bar (Story Time)

Me: “Hey bartender! (okay I didn’t actually say that – but have always wanted to) – can you make me a virgin mojito? You know… like without alcohol? 

[Just in case he didn’t know what I meant by “Virgin” cocktail].

Bartender: “It’ll just be very expensive water” 

Me: “Oh uhm”

Bartender: “I know, I’ll make you a strawberry mojito.” 

Bartender makes it with all the fancy throwing around shenanigan antics, much like Tom Cruise in the film Cocktails. He even caught a glass that he accidentally knocked over. He tasted it and he was impressed by his own creation. It was very yummy. 🍹


Me: “It’s hot in here” 

I start taking off the hundred different layers of clothing I’m wearing: coat, half sleeved down jacket, sweater, scarf, gloves etc. I was layered up as if I was going to summit a mountain! Complete with a little rucksack of snacks and books. 

All other girls: no coats or sweaters in their vicinity, and only holding cute little purses. 

Me: “Those purses are pretty, but where do they keep their snacks and books? And where are their coats? How come I’m the only one here holding billion pieces of outdoor clothing?” 

My friend just shakes her head laughing at how much stuff I’m holding. 

Me: “I’m like Kimmy Schmidt. Let loose out into society, after being in hibernation. It’s fun people watching though.”
Later a kind gentleman let me put all my outdoor extra clothing pieces on the back of his chair (he was part of a private party that had reserved space with tables and chairs – whilst the rest of us stood holding all our belongings and drinks).

In case you are wondering, there were no toys. Deceiving name.